Peter Lynn Escape V7 13m Black
Peter Lynn Escape V7 13m Black

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Short pulley-less bridle.
For a solid bar feel and direct kite feedback, ensuring maximum control no matter the conditions.

Double stitched multi segment Leading Edge
Extra smooth, extra stiff Leading Edge shape with the bonus of added durability

Squared wingtips. 
For quick turning, solid bar feel, grunt and lift through the turns

Clean camber.
Reduces airflow distortion under the wing which stops fluttering of the canopy. This takes away the need for heavy Dacron reinforcements along the trailing edge, resulting in a lighter more balanced overall wing.

Clean leading edge.
Dacron reinforcement patches for the bridle attachment points are stitched on the inside of the leading edge.

Adjustable pigtails.
The pigtails are adjustable in length to influence the kite’s characteristics to suit your preference.

Different settings for different feel
For customized handling and performance the wingtip bridle can be attached to one of three connection points. Tweak your settings towards pumping freestyle session or leisurely cruising.

Fit-all pump valve
Quick fill valve that fits all pumps, the bayonet fitting prevents hose blowouts while pumping and reduces wear on the inlet.

Specially shaped panel lay-out
By using multiple mini sized segments in the canopy panels a smooth and clean transition between leading edge and canopy is created. This improves the airflow and results in better overall performance.

Expanded size range
To accommodate a large variety of riders in varying conditions we have further expanded the range of available sizes. No matter your body weight, riding style and whatever wind strength is prevalent on your local spot, we have got the right sized kite for you!