Charger V1 8m Red Light-Grey (DEMO)
Charger V1 8m Red Light-Grey (DEMO)

This kite has been used and is in good condition. If you are looking for control gear check the "control gear" category or contact us via the "contact" page.

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Auto Zenith
Getting up on your board has never been easier
On truly unique Twinskin feature is auto zenith. This means that when you do not provide steering input, or when you let go of the bar completely, the kite will automatically park itself in the top of the wind window.

Responsive and easy control
The Charger turns surprisingly quick and flies smoothly, challenging you to do kite-loops and go big. It can be flown with slack or tight rear lines. Its flying and turning speed are not affected by the rear line tension, which makes it suitable for various riding styles.

Amazing lift and long float
One of the best things about kiting is going big! The profile shape of the Charger, in combination with the speed of the kite gives good lift for extremely high jumps. The large amount of float offers longer airtime to perform old school tricks and smooth landings.

Easy Water Re-launch
When the kites crashes on the water, the kite is easy to re-launch. Because the complete kite is filled with air the kite can be re-launched easily since all water will slide of the kite. There are no parts that are underwater and the taped seams prevent any air escape from the kite.

Every session a good session
Kiting made easy. No need to pump with the dual inflation zippers and no tangling lines with the Velcro launch assistant tags. Every session you make with the Charger will be a good session cause you can focus on your kiting! Pack up faster and comfortable after your session with the clever designed expendable back pack to finish each session with a big smile! The Charger is more resistant to tight packing than other kites.