7'0" EGG original (showroom model)
7'0" EGG original (showroom model)

A no-compromise modern shape featuring a full outline, gradual rocker profile and unique double concave to vee bottom contour.

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€ 199,00
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This unique design allows the 7’0 Egg to catch waves with ease, accelerate to speed quickly and remain maneuverable yet controllable in waves of all sizes.
Ideal as a first board for riders in the 50-70kg (100-150lb) range who are looking for rapid
progression and a board that will allow more advanced surfing as skills develop. For experienced riders the 7’0 Egg is an all-conditions performer in a rugged construction that you won’t worry about dinging at shallow spots or when your friends borrow it! Five fin-boxes give you the option of a thruster set-up (standard) or quad depending on your surfing style and to match the surf conditions. Shaped by Gerard Dabbadie, a Hossegor legend for over 30 years, best known for shaping super fun mid-sized boards, just like this one!