Peter Lynn Escape V5 5m orange (DEMO)
Peter Lynn Escape V5 5m orange (DEMO)

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€ 319,00
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The escape is built for the ambitious and experienced rider that performs hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks, and likes high jumps and kite loops.

The V.5 Escape is hard popping', big boosting' freestyle machine, that has combined the best characteristics of multiple LEI shaped and designes. The result is a modern kite that delivers smooth. controllable and explosive power, while maintaining the user friendliness of a great freeride kite.

Its C-shaped design gives it the ideal freestyle performing profile.
Great line slack for unhooked riding, explosive pop with great hang time and soft landings are all attributes of the Escape V.5.

The big kite loops, the solid power through the turns, the absence of backstall and the intuitive and direct responsive feel makes it the kite of choice for the compting rider. The Escape can hold a lot of wind and can be pushed in its higher wind range by the expert hands.