Peter Lynn Escape V3 5m red (DEMO)
Peter Lynn Escape V3 5m red (DEMO)

The Escape is one of the most comfortable and intuitive performance kites out there. Its stable and durable 4-strut design offers multiple trim options for customized handling and an incredibly broad

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Its balanced medium aspect ratio offers endless versatility at any level, and its quick and direct turning is guaranteed to keep you stoked.
We believe that every kite session should be enjoyable and inspire you to progress  and boost your confidence as a rider. To that end we have designed a kite that allows you to escape your limitations and gives you the freedom to enjoy every aspect of kiteboarding comfortably and full of confidence.
The Escape’s smooth and predictable handling, bar feeling and controllable lift & boost immediately give the rider a feeling of safety and trust that inspires progression right from the moment you first launch it.


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