BIC 11'0 SUP Soft (2014) – Demo model
BIC 11'0 SUP Soft (2014) – Demo model

Key advantage is the full EVA deck, maximizing comfort and ease-of-use for learners, families, or as an alternative Fitness product.

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Please note; for BIC boards sold outside the Benelux extra shipping costs are applicable - please contact for more information.

SOFT SUP boards are built just like a standard Epoxy board, but are then wrapped in a soft yet durable EVA skin on the deck and rails and a tough-skin bottom. This allows the board to perform like a “real” SUP but with the benefits of a softer outer shell for a more userfriendly experience. A 3/4 length EVA grooved deck pad transitions seamlessly into the smooth and soft EVA material on the nose, making these boards ideal for bringing pets and kids along, as well as for fitness and yoga routines. 10” soft fin (standard US fin box), carry handle and leash plug included.
SOFT-TEC combines the lightweight performance of our ACE-TEC technology with the comfort and user-friendliness of a SOFT board.  Key advantage over previous SOFT boards (sourced in Asia) = ACE-TEC rigidity with the shiny PERFORMER finish on the bottoms, proven shapes and improved durability due to a thicker EVA deck and moulded construction.
Crocodile Skin profile for maximum comfort and all round use, particularly comfortable for learners who are not always standing up.
Length: 11’0’’ / 335 cm
Width: 33’’ / 84 cm
Weight:  14 kg
Volume: 195 Liter
Fins: 10” soft fin (standard US fin box)